Oconee County Tennis Program


Stacey L. Venker taught tennis in Oconee County from May 1987 until December 1993. In January 1987, she had approached Randy Haygood, the director of Oconee Parks and Recreation Department and requested the opportunity to develop a tennis program at Herman C. Michael Park. Randy was very optimistic about the idea. Young and confident in her abilities, Stacey planned her first six week program to begin in May. She created a flyer and began leafleting the county. Thirty five students enrolled in the various classes, and her program was launched.

Once again, in 1998, Al Epting, the director of Oconee Parks and Recreation Department encouraged Stacey to return to Oconee County. She was optimistic and enthusiastic about the opportunity to return and develop a tennis program for the residents of Oconee County. Happily, the optimism was not just the naiveté of youth, but it was based on actual expertise and success. Since 1988 Stacey had been developing a tennis program as an independent contractor for Athens-Clarke County at Bishop Park. There was a strong infrastructure there that would naturally carry over to Herman C. Michael Park.

In addition, over the past eight years, Stacey has created and developed five different series of copy righted lesson plans with specific progressions for different ages and abilities. These lesson plans have been a key to the success of the tennis program. They are the insurance that all students are going to receive a fun and educational experience during every lesson.

In the fall 2001, Herman C. Michael Park added four new, beautiful tennis courts behing the Brannon Building at Herman C. Michael Park. In 2008, Oconee Veterans Park on Hwy 53 across the street from Herman C. Michael Park opened with 8 new beautiful tennis courts. With the dedicated effort and vision that OPRD staff has for community tennis, the Oconee County residents now have a long waited dream come true.Two beautiful tennis facilities and high quality programming in their county.

Oconee County Tennis Program
Expanding Tennis Opportunities

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