Oconee County Tennis Program


USA Step 1 (19 yrs and older): This player is just starting or has limited experience and is still working on getting the ball in play. This class is an accelerated six-lesson course that gives the novice player the skills, confidence and knowledge to begin playing doubles (Schedule) .

USA Step 2 (19 yrs and older): This level of player is familiar with basic strokes and basic positioning on the court. The goal of this course is to continue to work on stroke mechanics, combine different strokes to develop a point and prepare you for USTA league tennis . Rules, scoring, basic singles and doubles strategy will be taught in this class (Schedule) .

USA Step 2/3 (19 yrs and older): A combined Step 2 and 3 class where students will be divided on courts by ability level. Not currently offered.

USA Step 3 (19 yrs and older): Players will continue to work on stroke mechanics. A high level of match play strategy, court awareness drills and physical and mental conditioning and consistency will be strongly emphasized. Entry level team match play and local ARTL match play will be encouraged. (Schedule)

Tennis Apprentice:For the adult player who would like to be introduced to, is just starting to play or has very limited experience of the sport of a life time. These clinics will give the adult beginner the skills, confidence and knowledge to begin playing doubles in recreational and league settings. Not currently offered

Men's Coupon Clinic: Monday night is reserved for the men. Advanced beginners through strong intermediate players featuring a 60 minute lesson working on different strokes plus a 30 minute round robin match incorporating several drills as well as coaching and critique.  Redeem a coupon at each session. (Schedule)

50+ Coupon Clinic: Year round mixed senior drills for the advanced beginner and intermediate senior player. Times vary depending on the season of year. This class includes drills for stroke production, doubles strategy, games and a whole lot of FUN. Redeem a coupon at each session. (Schedule)

Women's Coupon Clinic: Drop-in clinic for 2.5 - 3.5 players.  Players will be divided on different courts by ability. This class includes drills for stroke production, doubles strategy and games.  Come out and get a great workout!  Redeem a coupon at each session. (Schedule)

Individual Instruction - Does your backhand need special attention? Is your serve inconsistent? Are you afraid to be at the net? Would you like to be in better physical shape? If you answered yes to any of these questions, try Individual Instruction and take your game to the next level!

For more information, please contact: janet@tennisforlife.net

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